The First Month With Our Pup

I never grew up with dogs, but within the last few years, I really started seeing what all the fuss was about and wanted to be a fur mom badly! My husband and I lived in an apartment for a few years and always talked about getting a dog, but we were out of town all the time and weren't exactly ready to take on the responsibility. We were ready to buy a house and literally 5 days after we bought the house, we found out I was pregnant. We knew that it was either we get a dog now, or wait even longer to get our long awaited puppy. We took the plunge and thought we can deal with whatever came our way. Boy, oh boy, were we in for it! 

golden retriever puppy girl.JPG

 The first night we brought our baby girl home was one to remember. Lucy was as cute as a button and was a little love bug from the start. The first 48 hours, all Lucy wanted to do was nap. It was perfect for me since I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, and all I wanted to do was nap.

golden retriever puppy chew toy.JPG

Well, those 48 hours came and went. Lucy was a little ball of energy. A wobbly ball of energy, at that. She no longer wanted to cuddle, she just wanted to nibble on my hand with her sharp puppy teeth. I got her chew toys, but my flesh was so much more appealing. She also discovered the grass in our yard and ripped that out rapidly. The grass was no longer and became our dirt yard. We played this little game of her getting dirty in the yard, then I give her a bath, and then 5 minutes later, she's back rolling around in the mud. It was a good thing I decorated the house in lots of white. The house is full of white rugs, white floor length curtains, white bedding. I'm sure you can use your imagination and figure out what happened next. 

golden retriever puppy.JPG