Garage Organization

I've been waiting almost 2 years to finally organize our garage. I kept putting the task on the back burner and telling myself that it wasn't that important. I figured, I'll just organize all the stuff inside of the house and deal with the garage later. And of course, slowly but surely, all the clutter that I would dispel from our house would end up in the garage. Our garage became this abyss of items that were scattered everywhere and a complete eyesore. The longer I waited, the bigger the mess I would create.

Although the process of organizing your garage can be quite tedious, it is so worth it in the end. It's all about having compartments for things and having a place for everything in your house AND garage. I took a trip to Home Depot and purchased two Black Steel Garage Shelving Units and filled it up with 18 gallon grey Rubbermaid totes, clear 12 gallon flip-top totes, and black stackable storage bins. I also bought vinyl letter stickers to label each bin for a more detailed look.

Garage Organization Ideas Shelves and Storage Bins.jpg

Master Bedroom

First and foremost, my biggest obsession with this room is the chandelier. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! Definitely my favorite buy in the whole room. My second favorite are the end tables/ night stands. 

Chandelier is from Lowes

End Tables and Light Grey Pillow Cases are from Target

Headboard and bed frame are from Living Spaces

White European Shams, White Mongolian Fur Throw, White Shag Rug, Dark Grey Duvet Cover, and All Grey Decorative Pillows are from Home Goods

Black Picture Ledge and Black Picture Frames are from Ikea (All photos are printed from Costco)

Custom Wood Mumford and Sons Song Quote Plaque is from Etsy

Her Side

Her Side

Potted Plant from Ikea

Vera Wang White frame from Bed Bath and Beyond

His Side

His Side

Mikasa Silver Frame from Bed Bath and Beyond

Vera Wang Black and Silver Frame from Bed Bath and Beyond

96" Floor Length White Curtain (2), 96" Floor Length White Shimmer Sheer Curtain (2), and Silver Double Curtain Rod are all from Bed Bath and Beyond

Hamper is from Home Goods

Dining Room

One of Lucy's favorite spots to chill, under the dining table. As a family, we spend a good amount of time at the dinner table. I found it necessary to make it feel as cozy as possible. 

Chairs and Bench are from Living Spaces

Dining Table is from Crate and Barrel

China Cabinet, Light Fixture, and Mirror are from Ikea

Plant and fur rug are from Home Goods

Plates and Glasses are heirlooms

Golden Retriever Mid- Century Modern Dining Room.jpg

Adding Some Color

Blue chargers are from Target

Rose gold flower arrangement is from Home Goods

Mid-Century modern dining Room rose gold blue wood.jpg

Mid-Century Modern Twist

Gold Sunburst is from Home Goods

Mid century modern dining room sunburst rose gold.jpg