Peltzer Pines Christmas Tree Farm

Peltzer Pines is the ultimate experience for tree shopping! This location is found in the city of Brea and is a beautiful sight to see! The tree farm is covered with lush trees to choose from. The farm has two options of either Monterey Pines or Leyland Cypress Trees. The Monterey Pines have that wonderful aroma of a Christmas Tree, the Leyland Cypresses do not have a scent. Both trees are aesthetically pleasing, so it really comes down to personal preference.  Once you finally narrow down your search for the perfect tree, you have the option to either have one of the lovely staff members cut down your chosen tree, or they will assist you with cutting it down yourself! Definitely a great tradition to start with the family and create fun memories! 

Christmas tree shopping.jpg
christmas tree shopping with baby.jpg
christmas tree shopping with baby and family.JPG
christmas family photo.JPG